Timesaver Model MS300-4 Moulder/Profile Sander


The MS300-4 is designed to finish-sand, sealer-sand or de-nib three sides of work-pieces up to 12” wide. The sanding arbors consist of two (2) top spindles, one (1) right side spindle and one (1) left side angular spindle. The top spindles counter-rotate to provide even sanding.  Each top spindle is powered by independent 3/4 HP motors. The right spindle is powered by a 1/2 HP motor. The left angular spindle is powered by a 1/3 HP motor. Top horizontal spindles are hand-wheel adjustable for part thickness and can be manually tilted to match the profile. The spindles are hexagonal in design to assure positive power transfer from the motors to the abrasives and can use any combination of specialized abrasives, which provide the most effective sanding action in the industry. Top spindles are 12” long. Side spindle is 5.5” long. Angular spindle is 4” long.

All abrasives are included with this machine. The price of $9,800 is a bargain – the replacement cost new is $19,115!

Specifications: Machine length-width-height: 57” x 36” x 52”,  Feed/Pass line height: 34”, Maximum work piece width: 11”, Maximum work piece thickness: 3” , and Minimum work piece length: 29”.


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