Scotsmen 350 Cold Saw



Scotsmen 350 Cold Saw – Excellent Condition.

The Scotchman CPO 350 PKPD Semi-Automatic Manual Cold Saw with a powered material clamp provides clean, straight, burr-free cuts; easy miter cuts; and safe operation without sparks or heat. Miter cuts and slotting operations are no problem with a head that will rotate up to 90 degrees left or right. Miter locking pins at 45 degrees left, 45 degrees right and 90 degrees provide positive, fast angle selection. Burr-free cuts are easily achieved, with the double self-centering vise.


Type: stationary

Varible speed, 3 -5 Hp motor.
Blade Size (inches): 14 (350mm)
Mitering Range: 45 degrees, left and right
Round Solid Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 2
Round Solid Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 1-3/4
Round Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 4-1/2
Round Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 4
Square Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 4
Square Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 4
Rectangle Tube Capacity 90 Deg (inches): 4 x 5
Rectangle Tube Capacity 45 Deg (inches): 4 x 4
Weight (pounds): 675
Dimensions (LxWxH): 22 x 44 x 57




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