SCM S52 20″ Planer


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SCM S52 20″ Planer

Description:  4 Knife cutterhead, Magnetic starter with overload protection, 4 knife cutterhead, Sectional infeed rollers, Steel outfeed roller, Feed rollers are ball bearing-assisted, Table lifting by 4 high precision screws w/ dust covers, Adjustable bed rollers
Independent llifting motor for table, Power table with numerical readout
Fine adjustment setting, Shaving hood Knife setting gauge
“CSA’ rated electrical components,

Working Width 20″
Working Height (Min/Max): 1/8″ – 9 3/4″
Max Depth of Cut 5/16″
Min. Length of Stock 10″
Cutterhead Diameter 4-3/4″
RPM 4,500
Knife Dimensions 20.5″ x 1 13/16″ x 1/8″
Table Dimensions 20.75″ x 39.4″
No. Table Rollers 2
Feed Speeds (FPM) 20,33,43,56
Feed Rolls Infeed: Sectional,Grooved
Outfeed: Solid
Noise Level (Db) 70
Dust Outlet 6″
Overall Dimensions 41.75″ x 35.4″ x 41.75”
Electrical & Dust Requirements 25 AMPS @ 230V, 8 AWG CU THHN Wire, 980 CFM


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