Opti-Sand RV40 Brush Sander


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Opti-Sand RV40 Brush Sander for finish sanding and sealer sanding wood parts including cabinet doors and components, entry doors, shutters, louvers, MDF parts (for painting, powder coating, vinyl wrapping) and more. Excellent condition.

The Opti-Sand Rotary Sander is designed to completely and thoroughly finish sand and sealer sand work pieces such as raised panel cabinet doors, entry doors, louvers, shutters, etc. The Opti-Sand Rotary Sander has four spindles mounted on a sanding deck that continuously rotates creating different angles allowing the abrasives to attack all surfaces of the work pieces. This action ensures that all surfaces are thoroughly and uniformly sanded. The sanding deck adjusts up and down for different work piece thickness and abrasive wear. Work pieces are held on the conveyor belt by the built in variable vacuum hold down system or dual track conveyors. The touch screen control is conveniently located for easy access. Spindle speeds, head rotation speeds, conveyor speeds and vacuum hold down are inverter controlled with push button adjustment and readouts. Sanding height is push button adjusted with readout.

Part Width: 51″
Part Height: 3″
Spindle Qty: 2
Spindle RPM: 60-600 RPM
Spindle HP Each: 5 HP
Conveyor FPM: 4-44 FPM

Unique Features include:
-Independent spindle height adjustment
-Independent spindle speed adjustment
-Hold down rollers separate of spindle heights
-Conveyor belt “dipped” under spindles



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