Homag Optimat ABD 100 CNC



Homag Optimat ABD 100 CNC – Excellent  condition

Description: Horizontal drilling, gluing and dowel insertion: (1) Horizontal drilling aggregate with (1) individual spindle; (1) glue & dowel injector with glue flow control; (1) vibrating hopper dowel feeder.

Working Capacity: Material size from 20 mm – 1,250 mm (.75″ – 49″) long, 50 mm – 800 mm (1.9″ – 31.5″) wide, 10 mm – 60 mm (.4″ – 2.4″) thick.

(2) Separate working fields with (4) pneumatic top clamps can process up to (4) parts independently on the left-hand, right-hand or center-stops; work can be loaded in (1) field while it is being machined in the other to allow fast production of varying parts.

PC Front-end with Weeke “WoodWOP” operating system with graphic programming & error messaging; USB frontside bus, 17″ TFT flat screen monitor.

Designed for small or large capacity horizontal drilling, gluing and dowel insertion; built on a Heavy Duty welded steel base; main horizontal beams hold the carriage for the boring head and glue/water injector.

Above specs taken from literature and thought to be accurate. As always please take advantage of the inspection period to verify.


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