Holzma Profline Model CH51 Sawtech CNC Saw


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Holzma Profline Model CH51 Sawtech CNC Saw – Excellent condition!

Automatic panel sizing specifically designed for stack cutting and single sheet
cutting as required. The Profiline CHF 51 allows one-man operation for chip-free ripping and
crosscutting of all types of materials.

Technical Specifications:
Recommended maximum cutting height 90 mm (3 3/8”)
Saw blade projection 102 mm (4”)
Auto cutting height presets 30 / 60 / 90 mm
Grooving height up to 30 mm
Program Fence advance speed 25 meters/min.
Program Fence return speed 80 meters/min.
Main saw blade diameter 400 x 75 mm
Scoring saw blade diameter 200 x 45 mm
Main saw blade speed 4400 RPM
Scoring saw blade speed 5100 RPM
Main saw motor 18 HP 13.5 kw
Scoring saw motor 2 HP 1.5 kw
Saw carriage advance speed 20 to 260 FPM (6 – 80 m/min)
Saw carriage return speed Standard 260 FPM (80 m/min)




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