Biesse Rover 24 – Pod and Rail



Biesse Rover 24 CNC  – Excellent Condition!
Note:  Original Purchase price $149,850.00 –  Current Replacement Value (Approx.): $160,000.00


*Industrial machine with heavy-duty structure
* Working area axes “X”,”Y” axes: 6170 mm – 1380 mm
* Stoke axes “X”,”Y”: 6635 mm – 1780 mm
* Stoke axis “Z”: 250 mm
* Travel speed axes “X”,”Y”: 0 m/min – 100 m/min
* Linear speed axis “Z”: 30 m/min

Electrospindle: Rover 24 is equipped with the new 12 KW (16.3 HP) liquid cooled, HSK – F63 electrospindle.
The electrospindle is served by a 6 position revolving tool changer installed on the Z – axis board
It can perform the tool change even during boring operations. Possible configurations: Max. tool diameter 80mm, max. tool height from collet edge: 110mm.
40 Hp Vacuum Pump:
A 40 Hp vacuum pump guarantees max holding power (500 cfm / 28” Hg).
Our oversized 50.39” x 242.9” (1280mm x 6170mm) Flat Table is precision machined Bakelite





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