Torit Model 24 Dust Collector

Torit Model 24 Dust Collector

$3,950 (USD)

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Torit Model 24 Dust Collector – 7.5 HP motor cyclonic with dust house, includes the drum, and 4 bag after filter.. Very good condition. •Cyclone separator built for top-level efficiency, Efficiency rating without filter bag is 99% on particles 13 microns or larger,  Efficiency rating with filter bag is 99.5% on particles 5 microns or larger,  Steel construction with weather resistant and salt spray tested powder coat for long-lasting service both inside and out,  Fan design delivers constant high performance at lower HP demand,  Grit, dust, chips and other foreign materials are deposited in the base before the air reaches the fan,  Three-phase vertical motor is end-mounted; the motor unit and the blower are detachable and can be rotated in 45° increments for relocation of outlet, • Dust collectors can exhaust outside, or recirculate air into the building. Very good condition.