2006 Holzher Triathlon 1488

$26,000 (USD)

Denver, CO

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Holtzher Triathlon 1488 - Excellent condition!

Video in operation: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CEQar92m3hcdkR9S7

Description: Capacity: Max 1’’ (25 mm) solid wood banding, thin PVC, veneer, HPL & 3 mm PVC capacity, 2.3’’ (60 mm) max panel thickness & 7’’ (178 MM) panel length; Granulate Gluing System with flat glue-nozzle & quick melt.
Automatic Edge-Magazine for coil, strip, & solid wood edge-banding with tractor-belt feed system, & heavy-duty guillotine;
Pressure Section; Flush Trimming Unit, Fine/Bevel/Radius Trimming Unit; Corner Rounding Unit, Edge Shaper, digital readouts;Flat Glue Scraper, Buffing Unit; Microprocessor with Color LCD Screen, 90% of all set-ups can be adjusted from the control panel, programmable for a large variety of edges like solid lumber, veneer strips or coils, HPL, thin & thick PVC. Line control so there are no mechanical limit switches along the chain track. Variable Feed Speed, from 8 – 24 MPM (26 – 67 FPM), panel overhang beyond chain 35 mm (1.38’’); features automatic track pad lubrication.


ModelTriathlon 1488
Stock Number00003