2014 Biesse Akron 425 Edge bander includes Doucet Return Conveyor (a $15,000 option)

2014 Biesse Akron 425 Edge bander includes Doucet Return Conveyor (a $15,000 option)

$26,000 (USD)

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Biesse Akron 425 Edge Bander includes Ducet Return Conveyor (a $15,000 option) - Excellent condition! Very few hours. 2014 Description: Has grandular melt glue station. Guillitoene, glue roller pressure top and bottom , radius and bevel cutters. also scrappers finsih knives. Top and bottombuffering. .4 to 3mm edge banding thickness in coils, 4 to 8mm (5/16") edge banding thickness in strips Panel thickness 10 to 60 mm,Min. panel length 5.5" ,Min. panel width 3.35" with length 5.51" ,Min. panel width 2" with length 9.84" 6" , touch screen numeric control switch board ,Manual top pressure beam positioning with numerical digital readout ,Automatic loader for coiled edge banding and automatic feed magazine for strips Heavy duty guillotine for 3mm Teflon coated glue reservoir with approximately 12 minute heat up time and dual thermostats . Pressure section consists of (1) large driven roller and (2) idle rollers, all pneumatically controlled, (2).67 HP end trims on prismatic guides with pneumatic tilt , (2).87 HP top and bottom tilting trims with combination cutterhead for bevel, 3mm Profile scraping section for 3 mm PVC with pneumatic exclusion Edge scraper shavings collection box ,Top and bottom buffing ,Single speed feed speed - 42 FPM All high frequency motors powered by a varispeed inverter,Centralized dust extraction with (1) 150mm diameter dust outlet (1) 100 mm diameter dust outlet for edge scraper unit , Machine weight: 2,645 lbs. Machine dimensions: 145" L x 40" W x 60" H


ModelAkron 425 Edgenander ncludes Ducet Return Conveyor (a $15,000 option)