Mereen-Johnson 312

$32,500 (USD)

Denver, CO

orCall 303-632-8818


Mereen-Johnson Model 312 Gang Rip Saw

Description: Capacity: 12” arbor space; thickness to 3-1/2”, 30”
min. length glue joint accuracy; 22“ min.
length bust up only. Left side open for
ripping wide panels.
Arbor Drive: 50 HP 3600 RPM TEFC direct arbor
Feed Drive: Posi-Feed friction feed bed with 5” pitch
Mereen-Johnson Double-Vee chain and
extruded structural aluminum feed slats
with replaceable steel-backed rubber
insert strips. Oil mist lube of chain and
track.30 to 235 FPM through freq. control.
Hold Downs/ Four 3” dia. air loaded press rolls.
Bed Plate: Full width spring loaded bed plate.
Saw Sleeve: 12” capacity saw sleeve. Arranged
for 10” to 14” dia. x 3-1/8” bore tooling.
Saw Spacers: One set included.
Dust One 8” and one 5” dia. upper; one 5”
Collection: dia. lower; 3110 CFM total.