Wood Mizer LT70

Wood Mizer LT70

$64,500 (USD)

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WoodMizer LT70 Saw Description: deluxe hydraulic log handling, advanced board return, debarker, Accuset® 2 electronic head controls, diesel/electric power, 36” log diameter, 20’2” log length, and production up to 940 bf/hr. 6 ft. extension, square log option, wood turning optimate option,. Also includes never used carriage valued at $10,000!


Power Selections                             55HP Diesel Tier 4

Max. Log Diameter                          36"

Max. Width of Cut                           28"    Wide - 34"

Max. Depth of Cut                           10-1/2"

Max. Length of Cut                          20' 2"

Bed Extensions                               6' Bed Extensions

Max. Log Weight                             4,400 lbs

Sawhead Forward/Reverse             Hydraulic (Fully Proportional)

Sawhead Up/Down                         Electric

Side Supports                                  2 Vertical Hydraulic & 2 Manual

Log Clamps                                      1 Hydraulic

Bed Leveling Feet                            6 Fine Adjustable Outriggers

Trailer Package                                Standard

Blade Lubrication                             LubeMizer®

Blade Guide Arm                              Adjusted with Control Switch

Blade Engagement                          Auto Clutch

Blade Length                                    184"

Blade Wheels                                   24" Diameter Belted Wheels


ManufacturerWood Mizer