Holzher Pro Master XL 7123 CNC Router

Holzher Pro Master XL 7123 CNC Router

$32,500 (USD)

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Holzher Pro Master 7123 CNC Router - Excellent Condition (2009) The PRO-Master 7123 is offered as standard with a 21 ½ Hp (16 kW s-6) Liquid Cooled spindle. The drill head featuring 18 vertical and 6 horizontal drills provide full workingfield coverage of all tools. A fast bi-directional 12 position rotary tool changer provides flexibility for a wide range of tooling. Technical Details: Range in X axis: 3400 mm Range in Y axis: 1340 mm Range in Z axis: 320 mm Main elecrtro spindle motor power: 6 kW Power of horizontal electro spindle: 5,6 kW (ideal for door locks) HSK F63 handle Tool magazine for 14 items 3.5KW saw aggregate, rotated Vacuum pump 140m3 / h Drilling Head motor power: 3kW Vertical drilling spindles: 18pcs Horizontal drilling spindles in Y axis: 2pcs Horizontal drilling spindles in X axis: 4 pcs Type of table: traverse Number of traverses: 6 pc In addition the PRO-Master 7123 s supplied pre-wired to accept the optional 360 degree C axis. Vacuum pod positioning is error free with the standard laser unit. Pneumatic positioning pins provide easy, accurate part placement in anyof the 4 working zones. A pressure sensitive safety mat and surround fencing offers a safe environment for workers as well.


ModelPro Master XL 7123 CNC Router