Doucet Doucett 24" Left hand Return Conveyor for Sander/Shapers

$19,500 (USD)

Denver, CO

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Doucett 24" left-Hand Return Conveyor for Sander/Shapers - Very good condition. Replacement for new machine $15,000! Description: 24" wide return conveyor, left hand 110 Volt. 10 volts - single phase - 15 amps service, no compressed air is required PVC Rollers are individually driven by welded urethane belts Feed rollers, driven by a variable speed motor, guide the part onto the receiving module. A set of top rollers issues a smooth transfer on the receiving module. Pieces entering the receiving table are supported by an adjustable ledge in the continuation of the reference fence. Polymer belts side-shift the panels to the return rollers quickly and efficiently. The transfer process occurs on a continuous basis, eliminating functional limitations typical of return devices with multiple "cycle" steps.


ModelDoucett 24" Left hand Return Conveyor for Sander/Shapers